About Leilanis’ Legacy Animal Rescue

LLAR Mission
Leilanis’ Legacy Animal Rescue (LLAR) is devoutly dedicated to positively impacting the lives of those who undoubtedly influence ours in a huge, positive way. Knowledge truly is power, and the power of communication is what is genuinely the difference between a forever home/fur baby, and a pet. We at LLAR don’t adopt out just PETS. We save, love, nurture & adopt out FAMILY.

Our scope of rescue ranges from stray, surrendered, unwanted, kill shelter lists, convenience euthanasia, to just clearly bad situations. Focusing on educating owners on welcoming a new member to the family, we believe a lot of the reason for owner surrender is because people do not recognize animals for what they are and have to offer. They provide us with the unconditional love & support that any family member should, and they deserve the same in return. We need to earn the gift that they give us by treating them with a full, happy life and communicating with them in an effective way. We thoroughly interview all relations to the intake in order to ensure the new home is safe and the adoptive parents are truly bringing a furever family member home. We partner with trainers in order to provide basic lessons to owners to communicate with their family without frustration & assist in providing guidance for any ongoing education & care needs. This knowledge that most adoptive parents do not receive, will create a significant improvement in the turn-over rate of fur babies and decrease the rate of abuse and neglect. Many people don’t know how pets learn/communicate so they get tired and give up. We want to prevent this as much as possible with our rescues.

Who is Leilani?
Leilani was a Tri-color Pembroke Welsh Corgi that died unexpectedly at the age of 10 years. An autoimmune reaction from over vaccination was the cause of her demise. After her death, her owner, Skye Long, decided to start participating more heavily in the Animal Rescue Industry but didn’t feel that fostering/volunteering was enough to memorialize and eternalize Leilani. She felt that it was necessary to do more, at any cost. With this revelation, she began to coordinate with friends, family and neighbors, to start helping as much as she could. She invested every penny she had into creating a safe, healthy environment for rescue animals, and taking care of their medical bills, she learned everything she could in a very short period, and really tackled the mission with full force. Leilanis Legacy is dedicated to continuing the contribution that Leilani brought to this world and to Skye. Leilani saved lives, including her fur parents’, numerous times, and its only fair for the world that the life saving continues.

Education Before Vaccination
After a hard-learned lesson, Leilanis Legacy is devoted to informing new pet owners/adopters about educating themselves on vaccinations before getting them. Just like humans do for their human children, so should we do for our furbabies. One vaccination could be the end of your loved one, just as much as the lack of one vaccination. We provide as many resources as we can, to assist and guide our followers, adopters, volunteers, fosters, and legends to make the best decision for their situation. We hope to make a difference in this regard and to lower the risk of IMHA (Immune mediated hemolytic anemia) and other Auto Immune diseases/reactions in our furamily members. If you have any questions, please reach out, and we will do everything we can to help!

Who is the LLAR Team?
Thanks to 21st Century technology, Leilanis’ Legacy initiated contact with the neighborhood first, through NextDoor, then Facebook, Instagram, and many more resources. The neighborhood, in huge need of compassion and help in the rescue world, stepped up to the plate, started volunteering, donating items to start us up, and assisting in the development of the rescue. We grew faster than expected because the need was so excessive but handled it with strength and vigor. We are still growing our team and will always need volunteers. Volunteers are what drive the non-profit industry and keep us running and able to continue to save lives. See our Volunteer Page for more information and to apply!

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